Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Back!

Apologies for my being away so long!

Let's play catch up for a little while. Really truly not much has happened. Still haven't finished painting my mother's house. I'm on the upstairs landing so not much further to go. Hopefully, just two more trips. Cross your fingers for me. Still remodeling my studio and house. I cannot wait to show you photos of what we have done so far. Remember the roses growing inside the house? Well, they're gone, and that particular room is almost finished except for drywall and all that jazz. Moved on to the next room and have replaced the windows and started to vault the ceiling. I've learned how to put siding up. It's just going to be beautiful when done.

My biggest news of all is that I will be in the summer preview issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. How exciting is that?! They want me to write a tutorial of my copper bubbles cuff. I'm so excited. I'm almost finished writing the tutorial. Now I have to take step by step pics then my headshot. I'm not so keen on the headshot. You don't suppose I could pass my Elephant spokesmodel off as me, do you? Oh, and you may have noticed the new Squidoo logo on the side. Yep I do have a lens so go check it out, leave me a comment, blog about it. They are actually quite fun to make, but I'm not quite good at getting people to it. lol.

The piece in the pic is one of my latest. It's from my men's collection that I'm working really hard to fill. It seems to be received very well by customers on Etsy and off. This particular piece is a simple sterling silver band ring. I wonder if men know how hard it is to design for them. Anyway, it can be found in my shop. If you would like to see the rest of my men's collection, check out my for men's category in my Etsy shop. There's only a couple of things so it won't kill you, and I'd love to have some feedback.


stilettoheights said...

welcome back to bloglandia!!!

you have been busy, and I have never heard of squidoo, how cool is that?

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Welcome Back--I've been waiting for you!

Congratulations on the tutorial feature! You are so deserving! I saw the lens, too, but wasn't too sure what it was (I'm a bit challenged in "cool" LOL)

I'm constantly lurking in your shop, and I noticed the Men's section. You've really created some great rings and cuffs and I congratulate you on the sales so far!