Monday, November 26, 2007

Just another day

How are you this fine autumn morning? Well, it's not really fine. It's actually cloudy and very dreary out and more like spring than fall, but I can pretend it's a nice day.

Hope you're weekend was better than mine. It was just hell on wheels. Probably not quite that bad, but it seemed like it. Thanksgiving wasn't even what it used to be.

Who's decorated for Christmas all ready? I have this dire urge to decorate. I've had this urge for a month now. Here's the problem. Can't get to my Christmas decorations because someone took it upon himself to clean the tiny room where they are stored and hasn't finished yet. Oh, did I mention it's been three days? I went out this morning and dug some of my outdoor decorations out of his nasty old shop. I can't find the rest. He'll have to find them because I WANT to decorate!

Had a sale over the weekend so I was able to meet my monthly goals. Maybe this little bauble in the pic will push me over the top. Gotta love this necklace. Sterling silver circles and beautiful blue chalcedony beads. I just adore it, and it can be found in my shop.


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