Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My New Diamond

Happy Tuesday!

Guess what I've done now?! You'll never believe it.

I have become a normal person. No more buying $100 crap, possessed cars. Now we have a car payment. That's right, duckies. We went and bought a new, almost, car over the weekend. I've been dying for one. The closest I've ever had is 1994. No more working on cars, no more wondering if it's going to make it back home, no more wondering if it's actually going to start. I'm so excited. A little scared about the car payment, but excited.

Look at it. Isn't it so pretty?! It's a diamond edition GMC Jimmy/Envoy. A 2001 but with only 48,000 miles. Who would know it's not brand new? I love it. It's got diamond motifs all over the interior, and look at those cute little diamonds on the tailgate. I adore having a truck again especially since I live in Redneck Village.

I've always loved big vehicles. I'd drive a tractor trailer everyday if I thought I could get away with it. I just don't feel comfortable in a car.

Well, I'm off to make stuff so I can sell stuff so I can afford Timmy the Jimmy Diamond. (Don't you just love what we named him?)


stilettoheights said...

fabby new truck Aimee!!!! It is so nice!!!

Gallery Juana said...

Congratulations on your beautiful vehicle. Any road trips coming up?

Sarah Ridgley said...

just in time for holiday traveling!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congratulations on the new wheels! I am so happy for you! Nothing like a dependable vehicle.