Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter Doldrums

Happy Valentine's, my duckies! I wanted to make sure I told all of my lovely readers. Won't you be my valentine? There would be a big red kiss there if I knew how to do it.

Well, as usual, I'm sitting in the dark drinking peppermint tea and thinking about all the things I should be doing. Notice I said peppermint tea instead of coffee. I have officially been off coffee for two weeks, and I only miss it if I get too close to one of Steve's cups. I fear this post may go out of control in too many directions so if it does please forgive me. I will try to hold it together, but I'm not promising anything.

So, we all know I'm tired of winter, and I'm sure those of you that just had that snowstorm probably are as well. I can feel the winter doldrums encroaching on my creative spirit. The cold and dreariness is bringing me down. In a way, I envy those of you that have snow. At least it's not brown or grey and miserable. Lots of creativeness in snow. Snow angels and snowmen and sledding and snowflakes. Yep, better than chicken manure being put on the fields.

The doldrums have me down, and it's hard to work out of it so I'm trying to find new things to inspire me. I've been thinking about my spring collection- Midnight in the Garden. I've all ready made a few pieces like the Asian cuff and my Dragonfly Sonata ring. Both pictured and in my shop. I have lots more in the works(like a Koi fish ring) but need to add a few more pieces to make it round out. I'm trying to let my wedding addiction inspire me too. Now, I have no urge to be married, but I love to see other people get married. Plus, I want all of them to be wearing my pieces. Selfish, isn't it? I just think brides on their wedding day can make everything beautiful. Sometimes, these new inspirations aren't enough, and that's when I have my worst time because when I get sidetracked that's it. I've fallen off the road, rolled into a ditch, and then down a hill.

Speaking of snow. The sun is just starting to come up across the back field, and I realized sometime in the middle of the windy night the pouring rain switched to snow. I have snow on the ground and on my magnolia tree, and it's beautiful. Plus, it's just enough that by later today it either won't be here or won't be much of a bother. But, it's refreshing to my poor old soul. Like everything is fresh and beautiful again.

If you made it this far, I applaud you. I told you I would be all over the place. Soooo.. On this special Valentine's Day(yes, I know it's a sort of made up holiday, but I think it can have really good intentions.), I send you big jewel covered hugs and kisses, and I wish you much love and happiness today and every day!


High Desert Diva said...

Yay for the little bit of snow! Hope it inspires you to make more wonderful jewelry today.

Sabrina said...

"midnight in the garden" sounds like a great idea. Night blooming flowers are so pretty and mysterious.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! I will gladly send you some snow and ice, especially ice since that is what we got so much of yesterday.

It snowed, then rained & gave us heavy, wet, heart attack slush! Large limbs from our huge pine tree out front of our house broke off from the weight for the second time this winter--we fear we will have to take the whole tree down in the Spring.

Am I cheering you up, yet!

Seriously, I love your talent, I love how you inspire me every week with the challenges, and I cannot wait to see the koi ring!