Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buy Coffee For Cancer Research

So many wonderful shops have been opening in the last couple of weeks! These are mommy shops, shops run by women, and shops that donate to cancer research.

The first I want to tell you about is Tip Junkie's Mom-Preneur's Shop-a-thon. Isn't such a great name?! This is a list of women and mommy's sites you can shop from. There is a wide range of shops from baby boutiques to art to paper accessories.

Another shop I want to tell you about it is the Created by Mom Chic Boutique. This is a brand new site where only mom-preneurs can sell. I have been browsing around and recognized a few sellers on there. I highly recommend Vintage Body Spa's Butter Beans. I also love that each item tells a little bit about the mom who makes/sells the product. If you're a mom-preneur, head on over there. There is a 20%discount to all moms who have items listed on the site.

Lastly, this is an awesome shop! Get the Bean is the place to find coffee or tea. Check out some of these coffee flavors: Bavarian Chocolate, Caramel Apple Pie, Chocolate Rum Truffle, and Irish Creme. I drool whenever I look through the flavors. Each month they will pick a new coffee and donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer charities. This month the coffee is Mexico Coetepec, and the proceeds will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. In honor of their grand opening, they are having weekly giveaways of 1lb of coffee or tea on their blog.


Please go check these shops out and support the women who run them. Besides you might miss something you didn't know you needed!


Jen Sue Wild said...

I am off to go check out these shopping sites.. I always want to suport my fellow moms..

NeverADullMoment said...

Thanks for visiting me today and I am now a follower of yours!

Meaghan said...

WOW awesome post...did it justice :) You get a bunch of extra entries for its awesomeness!!

We are going to keep doing the coffee giveaway every friday so if you dont win this one, :(, try again and again etc...

AND....we are doing a really cool big contest in Nov (so like this weekend) and I think you would have a great chance winning that one! Check this weekend to find out more.

I draw tomorrows winner tomorrow at 8 pm..GOOD LUCK!!


Abounader Photography said...

I'll have to check out those shops! Thanks!