Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

While living in a house that is in a constant state of remodeling, I have to come to realize the need for a clean house. We live in an above average size house, but we only "live" in about half of that. Some of this is my jewelry workroom. If you have ever remodeled even one room, you know it is virtually impossible to keep your house really clean while work is being done. Below is my top 10 reasons why you should clean your house:

You should keep your house clean because:

1. You might lose a small animal like a cat, a puppy, or a hamster.
2. You might find out Godzilla was just an overgrown dust bunny.
3. one of these days you will run out of clean clothes.
4. your mother in law might decide to come clean for you. (Though this could be a good thing.)
5. dishes with fur is not cool.
6. cobwebs cannot be considered art.
7. tv looks different. (I can vouch for this.)
8. things, like your keys or kids' socks, won't disappear into the abyss.
9. maybe your living room isn't such an ugly green after all.
10. eventually even the overgrown dust bunnies will revolt.

Now that you have learned the truth behind cleaning, I figured I would give some cleaning tips and tricks. I've all ready told you some tips for cleaning your jewelry. Here are some tips for when you find you are out of your regular cleaning products, and these tips are eco-friendly as well.

1. Ketchup and water will clean brass. Don't let the ketchup dry though.
2. Salt and lemon juice works wonders on ceramic tiles.
3. Use vinegar and borax to clean the toilet. You'll see your you-know-what in it.
4. Sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, let sit for a few hours, then vacuum. WOrks wonders at neutralizing odors.
5. A good olive oil can be used as furniture polish. I do this all the time. Add a little lemon juice if it needs to be really cleaned like from grimy handprints.
6. Old dryer sheets placed in books will keep the musty smell out.
7. Run out of paper towels? You can use socks instead. I also feel they work better.
8. Need to clean grandma's silver? A little toothpaste and water will make it sparkle.
9. Vinegar is a beautiful glass cleaner.

My biggest tip of all- 10. Keep up with it. If you keep at it, you won't get behind.

Here's a giveaway to help you with all these tips. The SITS girls are giving away a brand new healthy home vacuum. Check it out.

I hope you've enjoyed my reasons for cleaning and my cleaning tips. Let me know your tips and tricks.


SEWphisticate said...

i can so relate to the remodeling! we did a complete kitchen remodel last winter (right before Christmas). washing dishes in the bathtub is an adventure!

thanks for the cleaning tips.

Tami said...

Thank you for visiting me on my SITS day - I'll be back to check ya out :)

Natalie said...

I need to print this out...and pin it to my forehead, ha!

I'm always trying to catch up w/ housework...I probably shouldn't be browsing blogs right now...

You've inspired me! I'm thinking I'll use all the single socks (where does the other one go???" as dusters and save $ on some swiffers, lol.

High Desert Diva said...

The first part was hysterical, the second part very informative.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Verry funny.
I tottally fill for you girl about 14 yaers ago we remodeleda house. It was so much work..

sassy stephanie said...

Dishes with fur are not cool...ha ha ha.

Hmm...olive oil with lemon. I have to try that on the chairs at the kitchen table.

maggie fellow said...

your reasons for cleaning are almost compelling enough.... nope not quite

picciolo said...

thanks for the tips, we have been renovating our house ever since we moved in a couple of years ago and the cleaning seems neverending! My tip would be to NOT clean for a few days if you have any plastering/buillding work done, as the dust stays in the air and you will just be cleaning over and over for days as it settles. I learnt this one the hard way, after cleaning the whole house only to come down the next day to another inch of dust everywhere!
: )