Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stand Out Kids' Clothes

My child has a fashion all her own. Much like her mother. She is ahead of her time. She has even asked for a sewing machine so she can play around with making her own clothes. I have not as of yet gotten her one because I have no clue about how to use one to help her out. So, I have resigned myself at the moment to finding shops that will make her clothes for her in the fabric she wants. It's getting harder and harder the bigger she gets.

This shop on etsy, Rozzi's Sweet Peas, is my latest find. She has some of the cutest clothes and uses the most playful fabric. Perfect for the girl with a grown up attitude and likes things slightly out of the ordinary.

She made this for K...(Look at this kid hamming it up!)

How cute is that! It fits perfectly with even some room to grow. K loves the fact that no one else has one just like it in the whole world. This is the next thing I think she's going to want.

Rozzi is a terrific person to work with. Utterly fabulous. Anyone who is willing to take direction from a 9yr old is grade A in my book. My kid's not bossy, but it is going to be her clothes so she should get a say.

Check out her shop for some cute clothes for that kid who wants to stand out.


Pink Ink said...

*I have no clue how to help her out* I bet she'll be teaching YOU in no time. It's wonderful when our kids find their passion.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sewing machines aren't all that hard to use---but don't put a torch in my hand! LOL!

Tell K she look really chic!

Natalie said...

She looks GREAT! Soooo cute!