Friday, November 07, 2008

Watching The Boats Go By

Today is another edition of Carrie's Phabulous Phriday Photo Phiesta. I love doing this every week because not only do I get to enjoy everyone else's photos from the week but I get to share some of mine. I find myself searching out pics to take every week then trying to find just that one to share. One of my favorite things to do is photography.

This week my favorite pic has to be this one I took when we took a day trip to visit my great aunt in Virginia. If you've never been to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, it is full of terribly small towns and everyone pretty much knows everyone else(think Mayberry). In fact, my aunt pretty much knows everyone over the age of 50 and probably quite a few under, and if she doesn't know you, she probably knows someone you're related to.

I took this photo as we were leaving the restuarant we went to for lunch. It overlooks the Chesapeake Bay(I think). I thought these old men gossiping and watching the boats was just too cute to pass up. I didn't even know people still did this. They just exchanged the barber shop for a dock. They were tickled pink to have me take their pic. They're probably still talking about it, and I plan on sending a copy to my aunt to give the man who actually posed for the pic. He's the one in the center looking at the camera.

These men renewed my faith that maybe the world isn't going to Hell in a handbag so to speak, and maybe there will always be that place where you can just forget the world and sit and watch the boats go by.

Hope you have a great weekend, and if you get the chance to come back tomorrow, you should because tomorrow is Tongue Twister Day(and I'm not making this up).


Nina said...

That is a nice picture. That is cute that one of the men posed for you. Isn't it always nice watching people sit back and enjoy life. That is what your photo reminds me of. said...

This is a great picture! I love it in black in white. So quiet and peaceful!

Meaghan said...

I almost died when I picked your number!!! I SWEAR and there were two people sitting right next to me when I picked it!! I used random number generator and it picked #69 out of 369!!!!!!! How crazy is that???

Im actually kinda creeped out. Anyway send me an email with your full name and mailing address


High Desert Diva said...

Great photo and story!

Teri said...

Love the shot. It is indeed great to find a place that is so peaceful where the folks enjoy just hanging out. Thanks for sharing.

Found you on Candid Carrie.