Monday, September 07, 2009

An Invite

Since the weather has turned very Fall-like, I have been thinking of Fall decorating and Halloween. Yes, I am as bad as the stores, but it's like October all ready so my internal clock is slightly amiss.

If you weren't here last year, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Don't ask me why. I guess it's because it was the only holiday where I could go all out with decorating, and my mother let me do whatever I wanted. Whereas, Christmas was her turn to decorate, and I only got to help. Then there were the kids that came for trick or treating. I was a legend. (My ego is slightly large and in charge today.)

Anyway. That leads me to this. An invitation to afanciful twist's Halloween blog party! I participated last year with this post. It was a lot of fun reading everyone's contributions. Plus, there were some giveaways where I won this stuff which I am so using this year.

So, follow the invite and play along. The more the merrier. Creativity is a powerful thing and sometimes it's good to be a kid again.


Julia said...

Halloween seems to be SO MANY peoples favorite holiday! I can say it runs neck and neck with X-mas in our house for favorite. The costume planning starts now and just continues on until the special day. :)

Fun for all!!!!

Have a great day.